Sunday, 30 April 2017

45/52 and 46/52

Loving the bath and showing his pure joy. Elroy discovered Easter eggs and the Easter bunny, and we had a little egg hunt in my mum's garden, like both his parents he has a sweet tooth.

Playing in the autumn leaves at Mt Field, Elroy had the most wonderful day. We walked to Russell Falls and around Lake Dobson and he walked most of it himself, looking for owls and owl houses (I'm not sure where that came from), talking about pencil pines and collecting sticks. We will definitely be doing more of these short walks with him because I think he got a lot out of it. He has been more settled over the last few weeks, perhaps he is more comfortable with our current state of homelessness.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

52 catch up (40, 41 and 42)

I'm so many weeks behind with this catch up. Fortunately I have been taking the photographs! Apologies for the flood of photographs.

Elroy's second birthday. I don't know why but it felt like Elroy was two before he had his birthday. I know that sounds crazy, but I guess because he is so confident and articulate it felt as if he had already moved on from his babyhood. He had the best birthday party and ran himself ragged at the park. On his actual birthday, he was a bit moody and grumpy, I took him to the beach and he refused to go anywhere near the water, but he did enjoy his birthday dinner and second cake that night. Sadly I didn't really get any good photographs.

Probably the last picture from our old living room, before it was demolished. Elroy running around like a nut with his dinosaur hand puppet he was given for his birthday. Those little feet do really still make a noise when they go, and the squeals of delight.

Watching tv and grandma's and laying about like a layabout. He watched far more tv than I would like when we were staying there, mostly because the house is big and not completely child proof and it was difficult for me to have a shower and keep him otherwise entertained. He also became pretty keen on playing with playdough, although someone usually had to play with him. I think he took a while to adjust to staying somewhere else and not be at home. We didn't take him to the house too much because we were a bit concerned that seeing the place in such a state might have a negative effect on him. Of course it is hard to know, but he was a bit unsettled.

Monday, 17 April 2017


One of the lovely things about staying with my parents for five weeks was seeing Elroy play and enjoy their garden (which is much nicer than ours). It has different zones, and you could see Elroy's imaginative play develop and grow. He loved all the attention at my parents, spent a lot of time playing with play dough, discovered bubble baths, watched the children play soccer on the ground down the road, and sang about 'lello submarines'.

(My catch up post is still on the way....).

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Seven things: from the Easter bunny

Does anyone else feel that the Easter bunny must deliver more now than ever before, that the gifts are becoming rather extravagant? I admit that I like the idea of buying gifts for Elroy, who doesn't want to be able to do that for their child, but I feel that I need to keep my feet on the ground. So this year he will get one of the gorgeous Oeuf bunny hats (which I managed to get on sale), and I will decorate one of his little bolga baskets for him to use for an egg hunt in my parents garden, I will also make some little surprise crepe paper carrots. The eggs will be for all of us to share. As a few additions I found some egg shaped chalk and there might be a book for a treat. We already have the bunny leggings which Elroy wears as pyjama pants.

1.  Mini Rodini bunny leggings 2. The Tale of Peter Rabbit 3.  Oeuf rabbit hat 4. Surprise carrots 5. Ostheimer wooden rabbit 6. Olliella petite bolga 7. Micador Egg Chalk

Thursday, 6 April 2017


Given all the changes going on in Elroy's life at the moment I think he is coping relatively well. I think it must be confusing for him though. He has asked about going home, and if we are out and I say we are going home now, he will correct me and say 'grandma's house'. Lately he has been starting to ask the 'what's that mummy?' question about lots of things, which is cute, is finally saying thank you which sounds very sweet, 'Elroy like it' which can be either like or dislike, the tone usually makes it very clear which one he means.

(Note: Posts 40, 41 and 42 are still to come -  I've been rather slack with editing photographs and I've been using Matt's laptop rather than my computer and I'm missing lightroom!).

Sunday, 2 April 2017


We've been living away from home for almost three weeks now. It wasn't until we moved out that I understood what people meant when they said that renovations were challenging. I have been feeling a bit displaced, don't get me wrong we are so lucky to be able to stay with my parents for a while and next up it will be with my grandmother, but I miss my home, my normal routine, and now each time we go there it is in a new state of destruction and dust. It's weirdly sad and really exciting at the same time.

After the builders spent the first ten weeks working downstairs on the extension, this week they pulled our living room and half the kitchen apart and put the framing up to turn it into a bathroom and bedroom. It's nuts.

I'm tired, we are all tired. Weekends have been spent packing and moving stuff, but today we took the day off! We had an early start, thanks to the end of daylight savings, and after breakfast at a local cafe headed off for a drive, spent some time on the beach and ate fish and chips at Dunally. Hopefully we can spend a few more weekends doing this now, and I'm looking forward to the easter break....not to mention moving back in to a new house!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

catching up

I didn't mean to stop blogging, but the last two weeks have been rather busy and intense!! We celebrated Elroy's birthday party and his actual birthday, the brick wall between the existing house and the extension came down (as did the ceiling - leaving our old bathroom stranded in the middle of the new kitchen/living space - it looks so strange), we discussed the new kitchen with the joiner, made a lot of big decisions, Elroy was sick with a virus, and we have been staying with my parents. Life doesn't feel normal, but it is exciting - maybe? Fortunately time feels like it is flying at the moment and we are (perhaps) halfway through it already. 

We are having a quiet weekend this weekend, a 2nd birthday party to attend, perhaps the beach tomorrow to make the most of the amazing weather we have been having, Sonya has inspired me to bake an apple pie and I am sticking to my reading plan and am up to book number three for the year.