Friday, 5 February 2016


I'm starting to panic and feel rather anxious at the moment. I return to work at the end of the month (only two days a week, which I know is not such a big deal) but Elroy will be going to childcare for one day a week (the other he will be with my mum), and I am freaked out. So many blogs I read seem to talk about the time when their children start school, but what about daycare? I feel like a terrible mother for leaving him, but on the other hand, I know he is a very sociable child and he will get a lot out of it. I also know that he is in very good hands, and will be just fine, but inside my heart is breaking at the thought of leaving him and everything changing. He isn't even 12 months yet. He will start next week, and have a few days there over the next few weeks before I return to work. I am trying really hard not to think about it, to instead plan out how I might actually spend a while entire day on my own (I think a swim, some house sorting and a nice lunch out somewhere are in order), but it is difficult. I guess I also feel nervous about going back to work, about having to actually use my brain in that environment again. I feel it is not going to be an easy transition.

Anyway it is Friday and the start of the long weekend, so I am going to let go of all those thoughts, and feelings, and just go with it. We are hoping to get away to the east coast for a day trip and I can't wait to have a swim in the ocean. It has been a few weeks now and the local 'Y' I swim at is just not the same. I think we might actually make it to local pizza this weekend, and I had a brainwave to build a daybed for our bedroom, to replace the hideous purple couch we have under the window - which is a lovely sun spot. I don't think we will build the daybed but it will be good to sort out a plan!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Inspired by: children and Matisse

Way way back I thought I would do a more regular post series with things that inspired me, and true to form I did one post! Lately there have been a few things I've come across that I want to remember, and not just pin, so to start a beautiful idea from Playful Learning, Matisse-inspired cut outs with children. So very beautiful and a wonderful way to start to teach children about art. I can remember spending so much time in the art room at school looking at all the art books and feeling inspired by colours (because my brain seems to work that way) and different artists. The Matisse cut outs where definitely something I gravitated towards, that and Rousseau's jungle paintings. I really can't wait to start doing some art and craft with Elroy!

34/52 and 35/52

Week 34: walking walking, very determined and tottering around the house from room to room. The term 'toddler' really actually made sense, I know that sounds crazy but he suddenly changed. Carrying the beach bucket around the house as you do, normally it is the spade (most recently it has been the door snake). While Matt's parents visited he was the perfect charmer that he is, and he coped better with the busy days than last time (although he was only 6 months then).

Week 35: More teeth are on their way, the front top two and a few more down the bottom. He has been surprisingly good so far. I also decided that after sleeping with one arm still tucked into his sleeping bag it was time to go fully arms free. He has been fine, although the first few nap times he spent more time trying to pull the teddies through the side of the cot. He now co-sleeps with Rocky (or Bandit the Racoon, as he appears to be called) on a permanent basis, it is very sweet. Oh and he is very clearly saying Dada and Mama now, and still a sort of variation on Jerry, also a lot of nanana and nununa, no idea what that means although it could be food.

Friday, 29 January 2016


It's Friday, the last Friday in January! Ugh, that has gone very very quickly! We have been really busy over the last week, with Matt's parents coming to visit, so I am looking forward to a bit of a quiet weekend. The weather is going to be pretty wet and grey, so I think we will stick close to home, but we do have tickets to see Nick Offerman on Saturday night. I'm really looking forward to it! I had never seen Parks and Recreation until Matt and I got together, and funnily enough we watched the last ever episode just before we went into hospital to have Elroy (there were tears, it was pretty emotional, probably really because we were about to have a baby). Ron Swanson has a special place in my heart.

I've been back in a bit of a cooking mood lately and earlier this week pickled some zucchini's, made a blueberry tart, lamingtons for Australia Day, and Matt baked his sourdough. This weekend I think I'm going to try these strawberry cupcakes because the strawberries have been so good lately. I also want to try out Local Pizza, but we might wait until the weather picks up and take Elroy for an early dinner.

I'm hoping to get back into blogging again over the next few weeks, now our family commitments are over, and I'm looking forward making the most of February!

A few other things:

Sonya found the best tea towel ever (there's only one left!!)

Totally love all the images on le dans la at the moment

I saw Carol last week with friends, and what struck me most from the whole film was the hair! Strange but true.

These shoes, oh man I want these, but gah to the low dollar and high shipping costs!

I love this home.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


It's been a big week for Elroy, he took his first step last thursday over at my grandmother's. Tried again in the afternoon and everyday since he has become more confident with it. This morning he took four, the funny thing is that we gave him a round of applause the first few times, and now as he takes his step, or steps, he will clap, or sit down and clap for himself. Naturally we clap along with him. I am not ready for a walking baby, he is only just over ten months now and I'm feeling nostalgic already. The downside to the steps is that he has been all fired up and rearing to go, day sleeps have been challenging, and he is always very good with going to bed. I'm hoping it will pass in a few days time. I seem to recall he did the same when he figured out rolling over.

He has also become a bit of a foodie of late, determined to feed himself and loving most things he tries. I am so glad that he enjoys it.

Linking in with Jodi's 52 project

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

30/52, 31/52 and 32/52

In my neglect for the blog I didn't post these, but I did take my photographs, which is the main thing. I wish I had taken my camera to the beach more, but I am a little scared of taking such an expensive thing to a very sandy wet place!! Maybe next time, as it has been an important part of Elroy's life over the last few weeks.

30/52: Boxing day. Christmas day was around 35 degrees and we had Elroy in the paddling pool, boxing day it crashed to about 12 and we had him in a beanie. We had a very quiet boxing day, but did go for a bit of a walk in the afternoon to get out of the house, it was windy and cool but rather lovely still. Elroy, when going through a growth spurt, usually adds a couple of extra chins initially, which his hat beautifully accentuates.

31/52: One of my jobs over the break was to sort through all the little baby clothes and put them in vac bags for storage. I came across a little hat that I had knitted but had always been too big for him, naturally it fits him now. He is standing at our wardrobe mirror, with tv remote in hand, chatting away to himself, which he regularly does. He has been standing on his own a lot more lately, not needing something to lean on or pull himself up with, his legs are getting stronger. Maybe he will walk in the next month?

32/52: Elroy and Jerry. Elroy loves Jerry, he crawls up to him and tries to lie back on him and rub his head on Jerry. It is very sweet, in return Jerry tolerates it briefly and then walks off or hides in the corner. Jerry sleeps on the old couch in our bedroom and Elroy always wakes up around 4:30am (not ideal!) so he has his feed in bed with us, and if all goes to plan, drifts off to sleep for another hour or more. Then he wakes and is a ball of energy, we always ask him 'where's Jerry?' and he will look towards the couch, the last few mornings he has actually said 'Jerry' when we say it, although this morning it sounded like Terry. But still it is the sweetest thing ever.

Summer holidays

Happy new year! I had intended to write several posts before this one, one summing up last year, one about my thoughts for the new year and maybe even a recipe post.....but then the above happened. Summer holidays!!! We were fortunate that Matt could take two weeks off following christmas and that the weather has been pretty good for January in Tasmania. Even the water has been warmish and perfect for refreshing swims. We tried to have a mix of slow days, beach days and outings to Mona and Cygnet as well as a get a few home projects done. It has been a good combination and I'm a little sad it's over, but we will make the most of the weekends and long weekends coming up!

The last few weeks in 2015 were tough, but overall it was the most amazing year, certainly one like no other and it flew by so quickly. I know everyone says that happens with babies but I really didn't anticipate just how true that would be. We learnt a lot about Elroy (he is a very happy and content boy) about ourselves, and about the value of sleep (and yet we are still really bad at going to bed at a reasonable time), oh and the value of listening to your body and going to the doctor (I was diagnosed with Graves disease). I felt sad to say goodbye to 2105, to the opportunity to stay home from work and care for Elroy but I know this year will be just as amazing. We will celebrate a first birthday, so many more achievements and milestones for Elroy, I will return part time to the workforce, and all going to plan commence (and hopefully finish) our house renovations!! I am soooo excited about this one!

Lets hope 2016 is happy and productive!