Friday, 26 August 2016


Lately life has felt like it has been on fast forward, so many things happening and not much time to stop, slow down and take it in. Which is probably why I am now suffering from a cold, only a week after I got over a sinus infection. My body is telling me I need a break. Fortunately my Doctor gave me a few days off work this week and I even slept most of the morning yesterday, such a luxury (Elroy went to daycare).

Aside from being sick, I've been making the most of the downtime, researching kitchen and bathroom fittings, watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, I read The Girl on the Train, and got my mum a fancy balloon for her birthday. We don't have any real plans for the weekend, but I think the spring weather will in full force, so maybe a nice long walk and lunch out one day.


Cute! This boy has the best smile ever (I'm completely biased)! The slightly warmer and sunnier weather is making life that little bit easier, and happier as we can spend more time outside. He loves the sand box we made for him and when he goes outside walks around saying 'sand, sand'. Again it's very cute. We are getting the occasional mini meltdown (only momentarily), particularly when getting him in the car or pram when he doesn't want to. Or he will lie on the ground, mostly when tired, if he doesn't get what he wants. Fortunately he is easily distracted and it hasn't been a thing, but I dread the day the real tantrums arrive.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

10/52 and 11/52

Elroy worked out the bike, he had going backwards down pat early on, but then he mastered forwards and now goes round and round the kitchen table. He also reads books sitting on the bike and likes pushing it around by the handles. He focuses more on puzzles, enjoys stickers and scribbling with pencils and crayons.

17 months old, definitely not a baby any more. It's a little bittersweet, but I am also loving this age. He can communicate so well and gets so excited to see Matt and I, lots of 'Daddy' and 'Mummy', I really like hearing that.

Friday, 5 August 2016


This photograph pretty much sums up the week Elroy had, teething with his bottom molars, flushed cheeks, temperatures, broken sleeps at nights and yet he still (mostly) has a lovely temperament. I don't know if it is because we had a few tougher days, so we appreciate it more, but we seem to be in a very lovely sweet spot right now. He is able to verbalise things better (I started counting words and got over 50, I know there are many others too), and putting words together 'gone now', 'dog bark', 'Lah-Lah Mama'. Asking for 'cah-gul' (cuddle), hugging Rockie 'Wockie' his stuffed Blabla raccooon, hiding himself under the cushions on the sofa, and very patiently, waiting for us to find him, wanting to 'click' the duplo bricks together, and the strap on his backpack, sitting reading books to himself and loving playing at daycare. He is quite delightful and cheeky at times.

Sunday, 31 July 2016


We have had a lot going on over the past few weeks, so I have completely ignored this space. I made a very quick decision to apply for a new job when I returned to work after our Sydney break, and in just under a week found out that I had been successful, it's not a big change (same organisation) but it is a new challenge. We also had some news about our renovations which mean that they might happen much sooner than we had thought, I am so excited but also nervous, so many (many) decisions to make. How do you decide what oven to go with, which taps you won't hate in five years, and bathroom vanities (I think that is going to be one of the hardest choices). Just to top if off Elroy has been teething and I've had a cold/flu which has kept me in bed two days this week. I am so glad it is friday.

We might start the saturday morning trips to bathroom suppliers, and appliance and tiling stores tomorrow, and we might make the most of the semi decent weather and spend some time outside. Also I heard rumours of a new Frank Ocean album so that's pretty exciting (Channel Orange was on very high rotation here).

Seven things: that I wanted to buy in Sydney but didn't

We definitely didn't do as much shopping during this past trip as we might usually. I feel pretty mean dragging Elroy around shops all the time, but we did get to a few places. I love Koskela, and this time around it was definitely the furniture/rugs/light fittings that caught my attention, however there is really no point buying any of these things just yet (we are still working through house plans, yep still!). It was a similar experience in the Hay shop, so many lovely little things I could have brought home, but in the end I just wanted the strap mirror for the new bathroom, and so walked away empty handed.

Sorry Thanks I love You was a cute little shop in Martin Place and I spotted the lead that goes with Jerry's collar (his is electric blue) but really he didn't need it. We must have walked past the Ken Done Gallery, and I meant to grab his book (I had a double sided Ken doona cover back in the late 80's and I loved it so much) but I didn't spot it, so missed out.

We visited Kido for Elroy, but I had already made a few online Bobo Choses purchases before we went away, so only purchased a jumper for him. This onesie was super cute though.

1. and 3. This and pretty ribbon from Hay in Surrey Hills 2. Rug from Koskela 4. Bobo Choses onesie from Kido store 5. Marimekko mug 6. Ken Done book from the Ken Done Gallery 7. Dog lead from Sorry Thanks I Love You

Saturday, 30 July 2016

7/52 and 8/52

Elroy passed out in the stroller at the zoo. A most unusual event. Poor boy, he couldn't have stayed awake even if he'd wanted too. He was wonderful in Sydney, but just so very tired, so much to take in and experience, new beds to sleep in and people to see. He liked the zoo, but I would say that he is still probably a bit little for it, he liked the elephants, fishing cats (such an up close view of them) and the penguins the best. Not so interested in the giraffes which surprised me.

Last morning before we flew home in the hotel and looking tired. Also that hair, it is getting long at the back and sides, plus there is a lot of new hair coming through at the front, it probably needs a trim but there is no way I am ready for that just yet. So, mullet it is.