Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A very random selection of photos from the last week or so. We have been having some of the most amazing evening skies this year. I frequently sit on our couch looking out the window and watching the chamge from golden, to pink, then that dark grey. It is very pretty - and my attempt at capturing it is very poor.

I've lost my blogging mojo this last week, work was/is busy and I haven't been sleeping well. I'm back into my crappy routine of crashing on the couch in the evenings and disappearing down the internet wormhole. But I am trying to fight back. I'm almost halfway through my first book of the year, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. I'm a big fan of both Jane Eyre and Whuthering Heights, but have never read Anne Bronte's work. the similarities are there, the writing and story-telling style, so I am very much enjoying it. We finished watching the second series of the Crown, which, I think, has been much more interesting than the first, and had our first date night this year. We tried out Ti Ama and then went to see Downsizing (which was not what I was expecting and I'm not sure I would recommend?). So, little steps to fight the ho hum.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

last week of the break

This year I decided to take an extra week off work for the break and it was a good decision (I now wish I had taken another!). Matt was away for a few days mountain bike riding, but fortunately Elroy had care a few of the days, which meant I was completely solo and free to do whatever I wanted. I took myself out for lunch both days (and went to the gym), had a facial, shopped at Grey and Felt, listened to music that no one else in our house likes (loudly) and read.

So good, it really helped and I do feel like I have had a holiday. I have relised that is a very important thing for me to do this year, do things that are 'me' and make me feel 'me' otherwise it all gets too hard. So in that vein I went to see Chali 2na and Krafty Kuts last night with a friend from school and danced to hip hop for two hours, sure I felt old but that's ok, it was fun.

I'm dreading the return of routine and drudgery this week, I wish I knew how to manage it better, that's going to be interesting.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

old year/new year

The last year has been full on, exciting because we did the house (and I promise to take proper photographs soon), but it was an intense process for me. Working with the builder, parenting, working three days a week, health issues which manifest in anxiety for me, and just life in general. I thought when we moved back I’d rest, reset and then pick myself back up, but I never did, I slumped

It was a year of two halves and a big learning curve. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Some big highlights have been moving back into a much improved home, seeing LCD Soundsystem and then Sigur Ros the next night, City Calm Down, Nick Cave, Sarah Blasko, the Hockney exhibition, all our Airbnb stays, the TSO mini maestros with Elroy, seeing him grow and develop so much, visiting Mt Field in autumn, lunch with Matt at the Agrarian Eatery, dinner for our anniversary at Le Proven├žal, and always the beach.

Some things I’ve been good with: reading books, most recently blogging (which I guess is just journaling for myself), taking photographs and ....yeah that's about it.

Others I’ve been bad with: exercise and food - thank you so much Sweet Envy for opening a store at the front door to my work!), and I still spend far too much time on my phone when I should be putting it down to do something productive.

We celebrated new years with friends and lots of children who ran wild and had a ball (and apparently a peach colour scheme) it was really lovely. This year I’m looking forward to getting myself together mentally and physically, more time for me, maybe making a change at work and trying to say yes more! Well that’s the plan.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

seven things to help organise life in the new year

It is very clear to me that I am going to have to make a few organisational changes at home and in my life, and naturally the start of the year is a good time to put new habits into practice. I'm not a resolution type, but am definitely habitual, so I figure this summer break is a good chance to set some things in motion.

Most specifically we need to find homes for random bits and pieces in the house, sort out the constant mess at the front door, and deal with our spare room (which is a disaster), so I think the book by Julie Carlson is an essential (I've flicked through it at the bookshop - where I will buy it locally - and it looks so helpful).

The other area that we definitely need to think about more is meal planning and packing lunches. We are going to have to pack lunches for Elroy this year and so for the sake of saving money and eating better I will pack them for Matt and myself too.

My main challenge for the year will be making sure I carve out more time for myself, plan a few projects and actually do some things!! It always seems easier in theory.

1. Design Letters food planner 2. Father Rabbit round basket 3. Remodelista: The Organized Home  4. Mur Lifestyle peg rail 5. Darling Clementine notebooks 6. Country Road enamel container  7.  Bianca Cash Datekeeper

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

beach day

So many posts lately. But I took some photographs today, and edited them, and I figure if I don't just post them now I might never do it. How beautiful is this beach, one of my favourites on the east coast, that white sand and turquoise water. The weather forecast was for a hot day today, so we decided on a road trip, only it was incredibly windy and the temperature on the coast was much cooler than at home. But we braved the wind, had a picnic lunch and an ice cream on the way home.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

christmas 2017

Well it's come and gone and it was rather nice. Christmas this year for us was quiet and peaceful, we even had a sleep in until 8am, which is pretty rare, and won’t be the case again for many years I’m sure! We had the whole day at home and a low key evening meal with my parents, and brother and his partner. Elroy had a ball, and was a very fortunate child, one of my friends has kindly loaned us some wooden train track and some Thomas engines while Elroy has the bug, and so we set up a big track to lead to the Christmas tree. He happily occupied himself all day, and the big wooden crane we gave him was the best idea (apart from the fact that he has tried to hook it to the tree a few times to shift it!). It is very easy on days like that to appreciate how very lucky we are, I’m conscious of not forgetting that.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

seven things: on my christmas wish list

There seems to be a theme in this years wish list - pink, brass and pretty things, also a strong admiration for Jen Garrido's work. To be honest I've started a second list of things for home, because this list was long, and was clearly divided into two. Having just done the house this year it it feels like a lot of things on my list are for home, alas the budget only goes for far. However, as always, there are a few things I’d love just for me!

1. Toc Toc Toc magazine 2.  Byredo mojave ghost hand cream 3.  Alexandra Dodds earrings 4.  Jenny Pennywood napkins 5.  Jen Garrido limited edition reproduction  6. Ferm Living brass candle holder 7. Good Things Frank Tray